Trainings Conducted by KVK Lawngtlai :
Sl.No Name of Course/Training Centres Name of Officer Duration of Course
1 Training on Double Cropping at State Guest House, Aizawl. Mr. Vanlalhruaia,Miss Vanlalliani,Miss Vanlalruati 2nd May, 2008
2 Trainers’ Training on Certification & Inspection Agencies under Organic Farming Programme SMS (Plant Protection) 12th – 13th May, 2008
3 Citrus Decline & Its Management in NEH Region, at Sikkim . Ms. Vanlalliani, SMS (Horti) May 29 - June 7, 2008
4 Workshop on Inventory of Technologies for FLD for NE Region Mr. Vanlalhruaia SMS (Plant Protection) June 30 – July 1, 2008
5 State Level Training on Organic Farming Mr. Vanlalhruaia, SMS (PP) 8th – 11th July, 2008
6 Short Term Training Programme on Technology of Value added Fish Product at Tripura. Vanlalruati, SMS (H.Sc.) 21st – 30th July, 2008
7 Seed & Planting Materials Production at AAU, Jorhat Ms. Vanlalliani, SMS (Horti) 30th Aug -1st Sept, 2008
8 Annual Zonal Workshop 2008 at Itanagar Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 15-17th Sept., 2008
9 Workshop on Maize Seed Production, Jharnapani, Nagaland. Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 15th December, 2008
10 Training on Organic Certification, at Agri. Conference Hall, Aizawl. Mr. Vanlalhruaia, 10th – 11th Feb, 2009
11 Interaction of Programme Coordinators under Zone III with Dr. Kokape, DDG (Agr. Extn), ICAR, N.Delhi, at AAU, Jorhat. Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 16th May, 2009
12 Officer Level Sensitization Programme on Agricultural Portal-ICT for NE Region, at TNAU, Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 1-2nd June, 2009
13 2-Days Workshop on Hybrid Maize Seed & QPM Production in NE Region at Karfectar, S.Sikkim Mr Vanlalhruaia, SMS (Plant Protection) 9-10th July, 2009
14 HRD Programme for Programme Cooordinators of KVKs at NAARM, Hyderabad Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 25th July-1st Aug, 2009
15 Annual Zonal Workshop 2009 at AAU, Jorhat Ms. Vanlalliani, SMS (Horti) 5-7th Sept., 2009
16 APEDA - organic farming Mr. VanlalhmuakaMs. Vanlalruati  
17 Training on Capacity Building of Extension Personnel of KVKs, Mizoram at College of Veterinary & AH, CAU, Selesih Mr.Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC, Mr. Vanlalhruaia, SMSMs. Vanlalruati, SMS 18th-19th, Feb, 2010
18 Training on Office Establishment & Financial Administration Vanlalhruaia, SMS(PP) 25-27th August, 2010
19 Annual Zonal Workshop of KVKs, 2010 at RRTC, Umran, Meghalaya Vanlalhruaia, SMS(PP) 28-29th Sept., 2010
20 Orientation-cum-Training on Modified Guidelines for Extension Reforms at Agriculture Conference Hall, Aizawl Vanlalliani, SMS (Horti.) & Vanlalruati, SMS (H.Sc) 19th-20th October, 2010
21 Training on Cultivation of Strawberry under DBT Project at Agriculture Conference Hall, Aizawl Vanlalliani, SMS (Horti.) & Pi Vanlalruati, SMS (H.Sc) 25th & 26th October, 2010
22 5th National Conference on KVK, 2010, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur , Rajasthan Vanlalhruaia, SMS(PP) 22-24th Dec., 2010
23 3 Days Training on Organic Farming for SMSs of KVKs of NEH Region at CAU, Imphal on Mr.Vanlalhruaia, SMS(PP) 10-12th Jan, 2011
24 Interactive meeting cum Discussion on Formulation of Annual Action Plan of KVKs Mizoram & Tripura for the year 2011-2012 at State Guest House, Aizawl Mr.Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PCVanlalhruaia, SMS Vanlalliani, SMS, Vanlalruati, SMS 14th-15th March, 2011
25 One day orientation program on E-content and Hub Management at KVK Kamrup, Kahikuchi, Guwahati Samuel Lalhruaitluanga, Prog. Asst (Computer) 21st April, 2011
26 20th Regional Committee Meeting of Zone-III, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Umiam, Meghalaya. Mr. Vanlalhruaia Hnamte, PC 5-7th May, 2011
27 Annual Zonal Workshop of KVKs 2011, Tourist Lodge, Aizawl Mr.Vanlalhruaia Hnamte,PC, Vanlalliani, SMS, Vanlalruati, SMS 18th-20th May, 2011